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Parma ham, fig and mozzarella salad

Parma ham, fig and mozzarella salad

Ingredients: 250 gr buffalo mozzarella, 6 ripe figs, 6 Parma ham slices, 2 tablespoons honey, 2 tablespoons lemon juice, Olive oil, Fresh ground black pepper. Preparation: Cut into strips the Parma ham, cut in half the figs and tear up the buffalo mozzarella. On a serving platter arrange all the ingredients. Mix the honey, lemon...
Love our food - Fig

Love our food – Fig

Figs are native from the Middle East region and are one of the first fruits to be cultivated. The Greek mention them around 60 A.C. and Plato promoted the fig as being the nutrition for athletes. Officially figs were imported to Europe around 1600. Today there are more than 600 different fig types. • Figs...