The thought behind Mokapink is to give you a good dose of culinart. This site is designed to entertain, to explore a variety of subjects pertaining to food and design. It is a meeting point between the artistic side and the practical side of our world.

Leading a hectic life as you all do, I choose to cook and try recipes which at the first glance seem easy, quick and most of all require only very accessible ingredients. I must admit that I have a phobia for long long long ingredient lists! The less the better, and if I find a tempting new recipe I thrive to make it simpler by substituting and combining ingredients.

Am I wrong in saying that we barely have the time to sit properly at a table, to share with the rest of our family a nice supper? I guess I am not. Practicality mingling with ingredients is all I need to prepare a savoury dish; the result being in my opinion one of the most pleasurable moments of my day.  Eating is not a material pleasure. Eating well contributes immensely to goodwill and above all happy companionship.

The recipes in this blog, unless otherwise stated are for four persons. They are easy to do, quick and most of all a pleasure to share.






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