60 ml white Tequila,
20 ml grenadine syrup,

330 ml orange juice for topping up,
1 slice of orange,
Ice cubes.




The Tequila Sunrise is named for the way it looks after it has been poured into a glass. The denser ingredient, the grenadine, settle, creating gradations in color that mimic a sunrise. The Tequila Sunrise is considered a long drink and is usually served in a highball glass.

Pour the Tequila and the orange juice together in a cocktail shaker, add ice cubes and shake well. Pour everything in the highball glass. Float the slice of orange on top of the drink and pour the grenadine on top. Serve with a stirrer.

Garnish: Orange slice.
Type: Fruity.
Glass: Highball / Collins glass.
Difficulty: Easy.