Tapas, which originated in Spain, are a variety of appetizers, finger food and snacks.
These snacks which may be served cold or warm are served throughout the day in every bar and café in Spain. So much so that the Spanish invented the verb to tapear which means to eat tapas.
There are several stories about the origin of tapas, which are a part of the folklore: It is told that King Alfonso X, el Sabio or “the Wise One,” made sure that Castilian taverns served wine accompanied by something to eat, so that the wine would not go straight to the clients’ heads.
Some of the most popular tapas include:
Aceitunas which are stuffed spicy olives.
Albóndigas which are meatballs served with a red sauce.
Alioli which is agarlic butter normally served on bread but also with with boiled or grilled potatoes, fish, meat or vegetables.
Bacalao, salted cod sliced very thinly usually served with bread and tomatoes
Calamares which are rings of battered squid.
Chorizo sausage and other hams
Croquetas which are croquettes are a common sight in bar counters and homes across Spain, served as a tapa, a light lunch, or a dinner along with a salad.
Gambas, spicy sautéed prawns
Pulpo, Octopus usually served in small chunks in the oil in which it was cooked seasoned with pepper, garlic and parsley
Tortilla de patatas, also known as Tortilla española a type of omelette containing fried chunks of potatoes and sometimes onion.

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