50 ml chocolate liqueur Godiva or Mozart,
25 ml vanilla flavoured Vodka,
20 ml of milk,
20 ml cream,
Ice cubes and crushed ice,
Chocolate powder or syrup,
Shaving from a dark chocolate bar.




Pour the liqueur, the vanilla vodka and cream in the shaker together with ice cubes and shake well. Strain the cocktail into a chilled* Martini glass filled with crushed ice and priorly garnished with chocolate powder on the rim, you may use chocolate syrup swirled inside of the glass.
To decorate sprinkle with chocolate shaving.

*To chill a Martini glass just put a few ice cubes and water in it while you’re preparing the cocktail.

Garnish: Chocolate powder or syrup.
Type: Sweet.
Glass: Martini glass.
Difficulty: Easy.


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