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Best used freshly ground and has a taste similar to a mix of nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves. You can use allspice for anything really, from desserts to salads.

Anise Seed
Tastes similar to licorice, it is best used as dried seeds. You can use Anise in candies, cookies, pastries and even in poultry dishes.

Is extremely bland and is used as a thickening agent. Use in puddings, sauces, and also in baked goods.

Basil, Sweet
This is somewhat pungent and also sweet. You want to use basil fresh. There are many uses for basil when it comes to cooking. You can use it with eggplant, tomato dishes, pesto, Vietnamese and Thai dishes, salads and you can use it when cooking vegetables.

Bay Leaves
These leaves have a mild flavour and are best used dried. When cooking you can use the bay leaves in stews, soups, tomato sauces and when you boil shellfish. But, remember to remove before serving.

Caraway Seed
These seeds have a sweet nutty flavour and are best when used whole. You can use them in apple sauce, cakes, cookies, herbal vinegars and also in Hungarian Goulash.

This spice has a sweet spice flavour and is best used whole or ground. You want to use this sparingly and is best used in curries and stews.

Cayenne Pepper
This spice is very hot and is best used dried, ground, fresh, and also finely chopped. You can use this in anything that you want to make spicy and hot.

Celery Seed
Very strong celery flavour, best when used as a dried whole seed. You can use this as a replacement in cooking that calls for celery, put it in sauces, soups, or tomato juice.

Light flavour similar to parsley, best when used frozen or fresh. You may use this in casseroles, salads, omelets and also soups.

Strong onion or garlic flavour best used fresh or frozen. You want to use this as a garnish or blended into soft cheese and add it to salads.

Has a spicy, sweet, hot flavour. Best used fresh. This is mostly used in Latin, Asian, Spanish, and Mexican cuisines.

Sweet flavour, best when used as a ground powder or as a dried stick. You use this spice in sweet dishes, or stews and curries.

Have a sweet or bitter-sweet taste and are best when used ground or dried. Use is sweet dishes or in curries and stews.

Is spicy, sweet or hot. Best when used whole or ground. Use in cakes, breads, cookies, in curry or when pickling.

Peppery flavour, best used ground or whole. Use in stews, sauces, soups but use sparingly.

Curry Powder
Hot, use sparingly in curries.

Dill Seed and Weed
Mild and somewhat sour, best used as leaves, fresh, seeds or whole. Use with eggs, fish, potatoes, meats, breads, salads, sauces, when you are pickling.

Fennel Seed
Has a taste like anise but a little sweeter and lighter, best used raw or cooked. Use in soups, stews or salads.

Has an onion like flavour, mildly hot to very hot. Best used fresh or granulated. Use in pasta sauces, pork roasts, herb butter, stuffing and marinades.

Has mix of pepper and sweetness, best used has a dried powder, or freshly grated. Use in breads, cakes, cookies and also Asian dishes.

Very sharp flavour similar to mustard. Use fresh or jarred as a condiment or to flavour fish, beef, sausages and potato salads.

Juniper Berries
Have a pungent and pine flavour, best used as a dried berry, but crush before using. Use with wild game cooking, beef and pork, or with marinades and sauces.

Similar to nutmeg but has a stronger flavour, best used ground or dried. Use in spice cakes, custards, and fruit desserts.

Has a delicate flavour, best when used fresh or dried. Use in stews, soups, marinades and at the end of cooking to conserve flavour.

There are over 30 different varieties of mint and their flavours all vary. Best used fresh in salads and with vegetables.

Mustard Seed
Has a nice spicy, aromatic rustic taste. And can be used in any meal. Best used whole or as a ground powder.

Has a warm, sweet and spicy flavour. Best when freshly ground. Use in cakes, cookies and also sweet potatoes.

Have a strong flavour, and sometimes can be sweet. Best used fresh and can be used in many dishes.

Has a similar flavour to marjoram but not as sweet, best used fresh or dried. Use it in chilli, Italian dishes, with vegetables and also soups.

Can be sweet to hot and also somewhat bitter. Best used dried and ground. Use in Hungarian dishes, goulash, and potato or egg salad.

Mildly peppery, best used fresh. Use as a garnish in sauces, soups and salads.

Has a vibrant flavour and can be used in any dish. Best used in any form.

Poppy Seeds
Have a nutty flavour, best used dried or whole. Use in cakes, salads dressings and in muffins.

Red Pepper
Has a sweet and mellow flavour. Since this is rare in the US many recipes that call for it are talking about Cayenne pepper.

Is very aromatic and has a faintly lemony pine scent. Best used fresh or dried in meat dishes and also sauces.

Very pungent, best used dried. Use in flavouring and cooking of rice, stews and fish.

Has a slightly bitter taste and is best used fresh or dried. Use in beef and fish dishes, in stews, stuffing and common use is in sausage.

Sesame Seed
Has a nutty flavour, best used whole. Use in breads and cookies, and also salad dressings.

Summer Savoury
Has a cross between thyme and mint flavour, best when fresh or dried. Use in pates, soups, meat, fish and bean dishes.

Has a flavour like anise. Best when used fresh or frozen. Use in tarter sauce, as a flavouring in cream sauces, in egg dishes and also seafood salads.

Has a minty lemony flavour, best used fresh or dried. Use in stews, omelets, in stuffing for chicken, in green salads and with vegetables.

Has a pungent and somewhat bitter taste. Best used dried and ground and in curries.

Sweet and highly aromatic. Best when used from whole dried beans or as an extract. Use with coffee, in desserts, ice cream, puddings and cakes.

Winter Savoury
Has a combination of thyme and mint, best when used dried or fresh. Use in pate, soups, meat, fish and bean dishes. Use sparingly due to a strong taste.


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