60 ml Vodka,
30 ml Cranberry juice,
30 ml Cointreau or triple sec,
15 ml Lime juice,
Ice cubes.




The cosmopolitan is usually served in a large cocktail glass, also called a Martini glass. For this reason, the drink is sometimes mistakenly categorized as a type of Martini.

Mix 2 parts lemon vodka to one part triple sec combined with one part cranberry and the juice of half a lime. Cointreau or other high-quality triple sec provides a cleaner taste than cheaper triple sec, and is generally substituted in the cosmopolitan. The cranberry mainly adds colour and should not excessively dilute the drink.

A lemon or lime twist is always used to garnish. Traditionally a coin sized piece of orange should be “flamed” across the top of the drink. This coats the drink with a slick of citrus oil. Strain into a chilled Martini glass.

There are variations of this cocktail that use white cranberry juice instead of red and Blue Curacao or Cointreau instead of triple sec. However, the original beverage is still the most popular.

Garnish: Lemon or lime twist.
Type: Fruity.
Glass: Martini.
Difficulty: Easy.


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